Welcome to our story

Prof Chris DayOn the 1st October 1834, the first officially recognised lectures commenced at the School of Medicine and Surgery in Newcastle. This was the culmination of many years of discussion amongst a group of local practitioners who felt passionately that health provision was insufficient and that medical careers required greater levels of professionalisation through high quality and practical learning.

As student numbers grew and public demand for trained doctors increased, Newcastle rapidly became the leading provincial school for medical teaching outside London and Oxbridge. Newcastle's Medical School now provides for over 1500 trainee doctors across the entire North East region of England and through our Faculty of Medical Sciences, we are providing programmes in dentistry, biomedical sciences and dentistry. We are also proud of our new medical school in Malaysia which opened in 2011.

We have great (Geordie) pride in the fact that that the School of 1834 was effectively the founding school of Newcastle University, while at the same time acknowledging the shared history we have with our regional partners including Durham University (The College of Medicine was a Durham University College from 1870 until 1963) and the regional hospitals that have and continue to provide the practical training ground for our trainee medical students.

I welcome you to this web-site which is a hub for our medical alumni and those interested in the history of medicine in Newcastle and our renowned work in medical research and teaching.

Professor Chris Day FMedSci

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Medical Science