The Gardener’s House

The Gardeners' HouseThe second contingent of the School led by Dr Embleton looked for new premises.  In August 1851 they obtained permission from the Finance Committee of the Corporation to occupy, at a nominal rent, the Gardeners’ House – the only building left standing on the original Manors site.

A temporary single-storey brick building was hastily erected to provide a dissecting room for the following winter. Although the accommodation in the Gardener’s House was, by any standard, miserable for the 16 lecturers and 24 students, it housed what was, at the time, Newcastle’s largest medical school. Unlike the old Barber Surgeons’ Hall, of which it once formed a minor part, the Gardener’s House still exists – on the south side of the City Road, between Abutment of the railway bridge and Corner Tower of the Town Wall. The temporary dissection room so hurriedly built in 1851, was finally demolished in 1984, although the chimney of the furnace used to incinerate residues of dissections still survives! The site is now used as offices for a local accountancy firm.