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Parenting and Childcare Working Group update May 2017

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our Parenting and Childcare Support Survey.  We have had an overwhelming response, with more than 600 responses form staff and students from across the University. This has provided us with a wealth of information, views and experiences that will allow us to improve our support for parents.
We have been working to analyse the data with a consultant specialising in equality and diversity issues in higher education.  The Working Group met at the end of April to discuss initial findings, identify where we should ask more detailed questions of the data, and also to discuss topics for discussion at three focus groups.  Two of those have now taken place with students and Professional Services staff, and the final one with academic staff will take place 8 June 2017.  These focus groups are enriching the survey data, and also providing a forum for discussing possible solutions to the issues highlighted.  Many thanks to all those staff and students who have given up their time to take part.
Parents across the University will probably not be surprised by some of the issues that have been highlighted in the survey, including:
  • Onsite childcare provision
  • Support for holidays, flexible working
  • Taking extended periods of leave
  • Accessibility
  • Suitability of policies and support for parents
We are delighted to announce that two student interns have been appointed to support the analysis of data and development of a summary report.  Amanda Chapman and Hilla Hankimaa will join us on the 19th of June for a period of 5 weeks.
The Working Group will meet again in July to discuss and develop proposals for how we could change policies and practices to better support parents working and studying at Newcastle University. The group will produce its recommendations in the autumn, with a final report being produced by the end of the calendar year.