Reporting a fault

Reporting a fault

Find out how you can report faults and damages in your accommodation.


If something in your accommodation breaks or needs repairing just let us know. We have a team of maintenance staff and approved contractors who will aim to fix the problem quickly.

Internet Connection

If you are having difficulty connecting to the internet in your accommodation we can help.

Your first step should be to follow the instructions on the University’s IT Service’s website. They have information specifically for University accommodation.

If, after following these instructions, you are still having connection problems, you can book an appointment with our Network Tester.  They will:

  • Check your network point is working correctly
  • Provide advice if the problem is your computer’s configuration

A Network Tester is not able to:

  • Configure your computer
  • Install software or hardware on to your computer
  • Provide you with equipment, such as cables and network cards