As a full-time student, your accommodation charges include Personal Possessions Insurance, Cover4Students, provided by UK & Ireland insurance Services.  Your possessions will be insured, whilst in your accommodation, for the duration of your contract with the University for up to a maximum of £7,000 per claim. The level of cover has been designed to meet the insurance needs of most customers; however, there are areas where your personal requirements may result in the need for extra cover for example, if you are bringing a bicycle with you, this is excluded from the standard cover and you should arrange to extend the cover with Cover4Students. If you have other expensive items which exceed the stated limits, you are also advised to extend the cover for these items. Please see Policy details.

Claims will be settled on a 'new for old' basis, where all insured items (other than clothing, linen and rented household goods) will be replaced at today's prices - regardless of their age or condition.

Protection will be provided against:

  • Theft
  • Fire, lightning or explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Damage by burst pipes, storm or flood

If you live with a partner and/or children, cover is increased to £10,000 in total.

If you need to make a claim, you should refer to UK&Ireland Insurance Services.

If the claim involves a loss from theft, malicious damage, vandalism or any other criminal activity you must report the incident to the Police within 24 hours of discovery. The following information will be required for insurance claim purposes:

• The time the break in was discovered
• The name of the person who discovered it
• The police officer and police station informed
• A list of missing items
• The method by which thieves gained entry
• Crime reference number

In the event that you need to make an insurance claim, you must inform Customer Services staff at your residence reception as well as UK & Ireland Insurance Services who will require validation from the University before they process any claim.

While the University has arranged this block insurance cover it is the students' responsibility to see that the level of cover provided is appropriate for their individual needs.