Student Areas: Where to Live

Student Areas: Where to Live

Student areas

Newcastle is a great place to live, and there are loads of areas to choose from.

The type of accommodation available and price of rent will vary widely, depending on which area of Newcastle you're looking at.

City Centre

This area is popular with students because of the convenient location and access to facilities. Accommodation is often situated above shops or in purpose built residential blocks. 

Rents range from £90 - £190 per person per week.


Fenham is to the west of the University and close to the Medical School. It provides students with an affordable housing option, with rents ranging from £55 - £65 per person per week.


Gosforth is situated a little further out of the city, but has excellent bus and metro links into the city centre and good local shopping facilities. Fewer students live here in recent years.

Rents vary from £65 - £75 per person per week.


Heaton is a large area with good local amenities and well-served bus routes into town. It has a long tradition of housing students, and there are a large amount of available properties.

Rents have not increased as rapidly as in other locations, and are currently about £55 - £65 per person per week.


Close to the University, Jesmond is well-served by the Metro and has a wide range of shops, pubs and amenities. Rents currently range from £70 - £90 per person per week.


Very close to the University and city centre, rents in Sandyford typically range from £65 to £75 per person per week.

Spital Tongues

This area is close to the University campus. There are not many student properties on offer in this area so rent has increased recently, and is currently around £65 - £75 per person per week.

Accommodation Types

Nearly all student properties in Newcastle are terraced. There are houses with four to eight bedrooms and, flats or maisonettes with two to five bedrooms.

Properties should include:

  • bedrooms (with bed, wardrobe, drawers and a study desk and chair)
  • lounge (with sofa and possibly a dining table and chairs)
  • bathroom
  • kitchen (with a cooker, fridge-freezer and washing machine)

Some properties may have an extra bathroom, toilet or shower room.

Each tenant should have their own study bedroom.

You'll need to bring your own bedding, kitchen utensils, crockery and small kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters.


Check these things when looking for a property.

Safety certificates

Check that all safety certificates are current:

  • electric – renewed every five years
  • gas – renewed annually
  • Energy Performance Certificate – renewed every 10 years

Fire safety

Check that fire safety measures are in place:

  • smoke detectors
  • door closers
  • fire doors for larger properties

Doors and locks

Properties must have well fitted doors of sound construction.

The front door must be fitted with a secure and substantial lock (thumb turn lock internally for houses in multiple occupation).

The rear door must be fitted with a mortice lock in addition to a barrel bolt mechanism.


All ground floor and other accessible windows must be fitted with suitable locks and keys.