Rent Payments

Rent Payments

There are a variety of ways to pay your accommodation rent.

How to pay

You can choose to pay your rent in instalments by direct debit or in full at the start of your contract.

You can also beat the queues by making a secure payment online.

We also take payment in person (Cash Office, Level 2, King's Gate) or on the phone: 0191 208 1971. 

Managed Partnership Accommodation

Find out how to pay your rent at managed partnership accommodation.

Postgraduate application fee

If you're a postgraduate, you'll have to pay your application fee in full before your application can be processed. 

Late payments

You must pay your rent by the due date.

You'll be charged an administration fee of £25 if your payment is late.

You'll receive your student loan in three instalments. If it doesn't arrive when expected, you must contact us before your rent due date. You'll need to show evidence as to why your payment will be delayed.

The payment dates and deadlines can be found here: Payment Collection 2017-18

Problems paying rent

You must let us know immediately if you are facing problems paying rent. We'll always try to help you sort out any financial problems you're having.

You can also get financial advice from the Student Wellbeing Service.

If you don't pay your rent, this can become a real problem. In extreme cases, we'll issue a Notice of Seeking Possession or use a debt collection agency to reclaim the money.

Get in touch if you're worried you won't be able to pay your rent. We'll give you help and advice.