Allocation of Rooms

The University is committed to creating balanced communities in all our accommodation, which reflects the overall profile of the student body.  The allocation of accommodation is managed by the Accommodation Service in line with our Allocation Policy (PDF: 150KB).  Selections are randomised within fixed criteria ie student preference, gender and nationality.

Students with medical/disability requirements and students with other special requirements will be dealt with on a case by case basis and you must provide us with information relating to your condition if you feel a special allocation is required.

We will begin to make room allocations to student's holding an Unconditional Firm offer at the beginning of June and we will continue to allocate from this date onwards but you may not receive an offer from us until mid-August.

  • Postgraduate students – we allocate postgraduate accommodation throughout the year, but we are particularly busy during August and September.
  • Undergraduate students – we will begin making offers at the end of June or beginning of July and we will continue to allocate in the following months, but you may not receive an offer from us until mid-August. In most cases, applications cannot be processed until after A-level results have been announced. Don't worry if your friend has heard and you haven't - we have over 5,000 applications to deal with which are processed over a number of weeks. You should receive an offer within two weeks of receiving your results.

Details of your accommodation allocation will be sent to you via e-mail. If you have not received an offer from us by 2 September, please contact us

Order of Allocation

Allocations are split into groups and are processed in a particular order:

  • Guaranteed students – between June and end of August;
  • Non-Guaranteed students - anyone not covered by the guarantee ie applications received after 30 June or those accepted via Insurance or Clearing will be processed by 1 September 2016.
  • Local students not firm choice – as soon after 1 September as rooms are available

Important Information

If you are already holding an Unconditional Firm offer to study at Newcastle, as we will begin making room allocations at the beginning ofJune, we recommend you complete your application for accommodation as soon as possible so we can include you in our early allocations.

If you are have a Conditional offer to study and are covered by the guarantee you do not have to complete your application straight away, but you must ensure you do so by the 30 June. You can therefore take time to review the accommodation options available and make your application choices based on what is important to you. It also allows undergraduate students the opportunity to attend one of the Post Application Visit Day's and postgraduate's can also join one of our student-led tours to view some of our accommodation before making your final decision.

At the point of processing your application, you will be assigned a computer generated allocation number. This number is unique to you and is not associated to the date when you applied for accommodation. The allocation of your room will be based on your stated preferences and the ascending order of your 'allocation number'.  As the allocation number is only assigned to you when we process your application, we are unable to provide you details of this number.

Local students who did not choose Newcastle as their firm choice, will not be given an allocation number as your application will be processed via a waiting list and your position on this waiting list is based on your commutable distance from the University campus and the date you applied. We advise all local students to complete the online application as soon as possible before the guarantee date.

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