Family Accommodation

Picture of family accommodation

Applications for family accommodation are welcomed from students with a maximum of three dependent children. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation for extended family such as grandparents, other relatives or hired help.

We have limited number of suitable two and three-bedroom properties at Bowsden Court.

A number of families live in the family accommodation for the duration of their studies, so only a small number are available to new students in September. Demand for family accommodation is high and therefore we cannot guarantee availability.

If you have not received a formal offer of family accommodation, we recommend you do not bring your family to Newcastle until you have been able to secure suitable accommodation. If you arrive alone we can usually offer a single room until you can find accommodation for your family.

If we are unable to offer you University family accommodation, you will need to consider looking for private-sector accommodation on arrival. Please bear in mind that this can be difficult to arrange and can often take weeks rather than days to organise. We strongly encourage you to view all private accommodation before committing to a property. For advice on finding private accommodation, refer to our advice page.