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Get Ready for Pont

Now that our 64 containers that make up our baby block (Rede) are in position, Pont’s containers are now starting to arrive on site.

Pont will be higher than Rede and it also has a lower ground floor. Look out for a 500 tonne crane which is required to lift Pont’s containers into position. Pont’s lift shaft and structural steel frame is already in position and gives an indication of how tall it will be compared to Rede. Ground works have already started on Irthing which will be taller than Pont but still won’t be our tallest block!

Our six blocks, the number of levels and study bedrooms within each block, which will accommodate our students in Park View Student Village are:

Rede 4 levels - 92 beds
Pont 7 levels - 200 beds
Irthing 9 levels - 250 beds
Derwent 10 levels - 288 beds
Breamish 9 levels - 256 beds
Alwin 7 levels -191 beds

We haven't been able to access Rede’s rooms as an element of temporary weathering at roof level is required - this should be complete soon.

Pont's lift shaft

published on: 19 May 2017