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Institute of Clerk of Works Local Chapter Meeting

Institute of Clerk of Works Local Chapter Meeting is held at Park View Student Village

The Institute of Clerk of Works holds a Local Chapter Meeting every second Saturday of the month. Our Local Chapter Chairman is Michael Grange, who is also our Clerk of Works for Park View Student Village.

As a Fellow and Chairman, Michael has been organising visits for his Local Chapter Clerk of Works to see a number of University projects over the last two years.

Colin Young, retired Clerk of Works, attended the Park View Student Village Chapter Meeting. Colin was Clerk of Works at Newcastle University until his retirement - he was also Clerk of Works for the Richardson Road Student Flats project back in the early 1970s.

Park View Student Village Institute of Clerk of Work

During the site walk around, everyone expressed how impressed they were with the site and works in general. Colin was amazed our new bedrooms were being constructed in China and then shipped over to the UK - very different to his days on site!

A return visit has been pencilled in for next year to see how the Village works are progressing.

published on: 30 May 2017