photograph XRD for Fe-rich samples - available 11/10/17 to 27/10/17

We are very pleased to have a Rigaku MiniFlex 600 (a benchtop instrument) on loan to us in the powder XRD lab from Weds 11/10/17 until Fri 27/10/17.  The MiniFlex can operate in an XRF elimination mode so is ideal for samples that are rich in Co, Fe, Mn and/or Cr that typically fluoresce in Cu radiation and generate high background counts.  We would like to analyse a range of sample types to assess the capabilities of this demo instrument whilst we have it on loan, so please get in touch ( if you would like the opportunity to acquire some high quality data from your Co-, Fe-, Mn- and/or Cr-rich samples. 

published on: 4th October 2017