Cockle Park Tower

Cockle Park TowerA 16th century Pele tower, converted into two dwellings in the 18th century, with three storeys and an attic. it has circular bartizans at northeast and northwest corners, and machicolated parapet. South windows in Gothick surrounds, and badly weathered coats-of-arms decorate the exterior. The walls are approximately 1.5 metres thick.

Built in the early 16th century for Sir William Ogle as a defensive dwelling, by the time of the Civil War, Cockle Park Tower was merely in use as a farmhouse. The tower passed to the estate of Bothal in the time of Henry III, which was later in the possession of the Dukes of Portland, who in the 19th century robbed many of the furnishings and decorations for Bothal Castle. In 1902 the tower was in the hands of the County Council and came into the ownership of the University as part of Cockle Park Farm.