Livestock Enterprise - Heifer Rearing

The weaned pure-bred Friesian heifer calves are turned out to grass after first-cut silage and are fed about 1 kg of home-mix concentrate throughout the summer to obtain daily live-weight gains of 0.75 - 0.8 kg. After housing in the second autumn at an approximate live-weight of 300 kg they are fed ad lib silage and 2 kg of mix to achieve a target bulling weight of 370 kg at 15 months of age.

This feeding continues for the 10-week period during which they are served to calve the following August/September period. For the remainder of the winter they are fed silage and concentrates to maintain a growth rate of 0.75 kg / day until turnout the following spring.

Normally herd replacement heifers are inseminated with semen from "easy calving" Holstein bulls.

 The beef-cross heifers are also grazed and then reared inside on a diet of ad lib silage and 2 kg concentrate. At 400kg they are either sold as suckler cow replacements or kept and sold deadweight when finished.