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Emptiness and space in the rural Netherlands

In the last decade population decline has become a serious issue in the more remote rural areas in the Netherlands. Young people are leaving those areas in search for higher education and do not return as the areas have little to offer in terms of highly qualified employment. As a result the composition of the population in these areas is changing – in terms of age, education and income, health and longevity. Prof dr. ir. Bettina B. Bock Newcastle University Visiting Prof at the Centre for Rural Economy will be giving a CRE Public Lecture “Emptiness and space – peripheralisation in the Netherlands” at 5 pm on 25 May in the Loftus Room at the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne.  The lecture will be followed by an informal book launch of the book co-edited by CRE’s Duke of Northumberland Professor of Rural Economy Sally Shortall and Bettina Bock, Gender and Rural Globalization: International Perspectives on Gender and Rural Development. 

All are welcome and if you would like to attend please contact Nikki Parker.

Prof. dr. ir. Bettina B. Bock

published on: 11 May 2017