Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems

R Payton investigating termite mounds in Kenya 2006We carry out strategic research into the effects of agricultural practices on productivity and sustainability. This involves disciplinary research into soil science, plant science, animal science, food science and nutrition. Much of this activity is sponsored by UK research councils: NERC and BBSRC.

We carry out applied research addressing problems within the production chain from farm to fork. This includes studies of agricultural land and associated natural habitats that may be affected by agricultural practices. Much of this activity is sponsored by: EU, DEFRA and industry.

Within this theme, our research is focussed in three main areas:

It is common for much of our research to be carried out within multidisciplinary research teams. We collaborate extensively beyond the school, often within the framework of research centres including: Nafferton Ecological Farming Group (focus 1 & 2), Centre for Renewable Energy from Land (focus 2), Human Nutrition Research Centre (focus 3).