School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

Staff Profile

Mark Brett

Cockle Park Research Facilities Manager


I joined the University in 2005 after a 16 year career in Zoo Animal Management. I worked with a variety of stock and gained a great deal of experience in animal husbandry. For the majority of my time in zoos I specialised in Elephants and Primates and helped lead one of the country's most successful training and breeding programs for Asian Elephants, at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, where I finished my zoo career.  

I have worked at Cockle Park Farm for 12 years and had been primarily responsible for supporting all of the pig related research work that has taken place over that time. In my role as Research Facilities Manager I am now responsible for ensuring that all livestock research taking place at Cockle Park receives the technical support it needs, that the facilities are well maintained and that the welfare of the animals on trial is of the highest standard.