Staff by Role

Support Staff

Conor Bolton
Temprary Assistant

Laura Collingwood
Clerical Assistant

Jennifer Conn
University Farms Secretary

Susan Davies
Clerical Assistant/Secretary

Kate Gascoyne
Dissemination/Technology Transfer Office

Lisa Gilder
PA and Research Support Co-ordinator

Jennifer Gilroy
Personal Assistant/Secretary

Jenny Harrison
Teaching Support Administrator

Teresa Jordon
NEFG Support Officer

Ledyan Ledyan
Placement Student Assistant

Deborah Leitch
Senior Clerical Assistant

Michelle Palmer
Personal Assistant to Head of School

Nikki Parker
PA to the Director of CRE

Alison Rowntree
Clerical Assistant

David Stubbs
Clerical Assistant

Karen Stubbs
Personal Secretary

Gabrielle Vallons
Clerical Assistant

Elizabeth Webster
Student Recruitment Assistant