Animal Science

Becky Jackson, one of our animal science studentsAfter a degree in Animal Science, there are many openings in the agricultural and environmental sectors so you'll have a wide choice of careers. For example, you could work in:

  • animal welfare - eg the RSPCA;
  • the agricultural industry - animal nutrition, farming, food manufacture or pest management;
  • conservation - environmental monitoring and management.

Your skills are also useful in many other areas and are valued by a wide range of employers. You could go into:

  • management, marketing or the media;
  • finance - insurance or banking, for example;
  • teaching or law;
  • the armed forces or police.

You can also find helpful sites for advice on jobs in the area of animal science.

Examples of what our recent graduates are doing now:

  • Environmental Scientist, Argus Environmental
  • Scientist, Veterinary Laboratories Agency
  • Ranger, ZooLab UK
  • MSc Wildlife Conservation & Management, Newcastle University
  • RSPCA Officer
  • Environmental Consultant, Wardell Armstrong
  • BSc Veterinary Science, Edinburgh University
  • Student Recruitment Assistant, Newcastle University
  • Environmental Officer, Newcastle College
  • Animal Scientist, Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre
  • Energy Advisor, Energy Saving Trust
  • Field Ecologist, Central Science Laboratories
  • Environmental Scientist, Argus Environmental
  • Research Assistant, Scottish Agricultural College
  • Classroom teacher, North Tyneside Council
  • PhD Student, Harper Adams University College
  • MPhil Life Sciences, University of Nottingham
  • Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
  • Assistant Ranger, Newcastle County Council
  • Territory Manager, Pfizer Ltd
  • Press & Publicity Assistant, Channel 4 Television
  • Farm Manager, DE+LM Tyson
  • Retail Analyst, Ferndale Food
  • Director of Rural Research, Bidwell's Property Consultants