Hasan Iessa Hasan

Nationality: Syrian

Course: MSc Ecological Farming and Food Production Systems

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle University?

There were many things encouraged me to choose Newcastle University; the first and the most important one is its good reputation. In addition to the University itself, the city played a significant role in my determination to choose studying here; one doesn’t need more than a little research to discover how charming the city is and how friendly the people here are. And finally, the good and the fast response from the University staff and the supervisors to my proposal was a good reason as well.

 What were the best aspects of your Degree Programme?

It’s very difficult to determine what exactly the best aspects of my degree programme because there were many good aspects related to the programme itself as well as to the staff and the University.

Regarding the programme, it was very interactive, rich with the useful modules, information, analytic methods and practical courses. Although we as students came from different undergraduate background, the programme was successful to give each of us what he/she is coming for.

Programme tutors and all other staff were very friendly, cheerful, helpful and sophisticated, they gave us very useful feedback and advise and they also took from us a lot of feedback about how they can improve the courses especially as it was the first year of the programme.

Regarding the University, it has well organized courses, system, modules, lectures and activities. The concern with the student social life and the environmental issues deserves to be appreciated. In addition, the facilities are very good especially the library.

Finally, students from all over the world made the course full of different experiences.

What jobs have you had since graduating?

There was short time between my graduation and my registration for the PhD, but I tried to invest the time by getting a part-time job in Nafferton farm with the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group which is ecological group related to Newcastle University and the responsible of my MSc programme.

What job are you currently doing ?

I registered for the PhD in Newcastle University in the same area which I started in my MSc project; also I hope to get a part-time job to gain more experience.

How has your degree helped you to get these jobs?

I came to the UK to do my PhD; one of the PhD conditions was the MSc. However, this programme helped me a lot to get information about the idea I am planning to work on in my PhD, and helped me to gain experience about using the lab equipment and lab work system. In addition, there were modules about data analysis programmes which I do need in all my researches. Furthermore, for me as an international student, the MSc dissertation was the first experiment to write a piece of work academically in English.

Do you have a favorite memory of your whole postgraduate student experience?

Well, the course as a whole was amazing, enthusiastic and enjoyable; but the best part I did enjoy was the course in Greece “Crete Island” which was a part of my course about the Mediterranean crops. Besides of this course, every assignment and project I worked with my colleagues as a team work was unforgettable.

Any other comments?

I would mention a little bit about Newcastle as a city; Newcastle is an exciting and charming city I really got surprised by it once I arrived. Its historical buildings and type, the kind people, the river, the shops and the parks, everything is perfect. Maybe it is a little bit colder than I expect but even the winter is amazing here.

Also I would like to give an advice to those who may read this profile and think about coming here for the Masters or the PhD. Studying and life here are very nice experience to live, but you must know what you want to achieve at the end of your study and choose a study that genuinely interests you as there will be tough times. Stay organized and focused. Finally, be sure that you will be totally satisfied by of choosing this University, just like me now.