Institute for Ageing


About Us

The Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (NUIA) responds to the societal challenge of Ageing. We are seeking new ways to make the most of extensive opportunities associated with increasing human longevity, at the same time as solving some of the problems.

Ageing as a societal challenge theme

Ageing was the first of the University’s Societal Challenge Themes. It is an extension of more than 20 years of focus on ageing research, which has positioned us amongst a handful of global leaders in the field.  

We have the largest number of academics working on aspects of ageing of any institution in Europe, many based on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality, a purpose-built campus operated in partnership with the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

2014 saw the birth of a new era of ageing research and engagement work at Newcastle University with the creation of the new Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (NUIA).  NUIA combines Newcastle’s international excellence in the fundamental and clinical sciences of ageing, with our expanding repertoire of inter-disciplinary research and innovation.

Our vision and mission

  • To be a global leader in ageing research and innovation
  • To translate internationally renowned research into the biological, medical and psychosocial determinants of healthy ageing across the life course into interventions that extend healthy lifespan and support active ageing


Living longer is now inevitable: life expectancy in the UK and elsewhere is continuing to increase at the rate of more than 2 years per decade.  Notwithstanding, the new ageing challenge for the 21st century is how do we ensure our extra years are spent in optimum health for as long as possible? The NUIA Strategy 2016-2021 (pdf 320kb) outlines NUIA’s activities and strategic targets for the next five years.

Annual Review

The NUIA Annual Review 2014-2015 is now available (pdf 5693kb)