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Research into ageing receives international funding

Two innovative Newcastle University research projects which look into the welfare of ageing workforces and health and social care for the elderly have received international funding.

The first project, which will see the business school work alongside global partners at the University of Granada, the University of Lodz and ADAPT Italy, has been awarded €300,000 by the European Commission’s Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion division.

Aiming to develop and embed an active ageing policy for organisations across Europe, the project will see workshops carried out in 20 workplaces throughout the UK, Poland, Spain and Italy, and will develop a blueprint which will take the experiences of all stakeholders into account.

Dr Matt Flynn, senior lecturer in human resource management, and representative within the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing's 'Economic and Social Impact' theme, said: “Almost five million people aged over 65 were employed in the UK alone in 2014, and that figure is continuing to rise.

“As the proportion of over 65s increases, we will be forced to reconsider the ‘working age’, and as such we need to make provisions for ensuring that working life for the older population is as safe and inclusive as possible.

“By creating workplaces which accommodate older workers in the right way, we have a better chance of allowing people to work for longer meaning that they will continue to contribute to the economy, without experiencing a negative impact to their health.”

Dr Flynn is also taking the lead on the second research project; a partnership between the business school and the Putra University Malaysia which will look into health and social care provisions for the elderly.

The research has been awarded a £66,000 Newton Advanced Fellowship from the Newton Fund, which will subsidise interviews with carers and social care providers, and trials of interventions which aim to improve health management in the sector.

Dr Flynn continued: “This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for Newcastle University Business School to develop knowledge networks with our academic partner in Malaysia, while also carrying out much-needed research which we hope will shape the sector.”

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published on: 6 April 2017