Undergraduate Training

Ageing features prominently within medical undergraduate training (MBBS), offering students opportunities to benefit from the strength and breadth of research in this field.

Undergraduate training is also available through two highly successful modules. A 2nd year option Biology of Ageing and a 3rd year option Clinical Ageing, both within the Biomedical Sciences degree programme.

The following undergraduate courses contain ageing-related teaching:

* Newcastle Ageing Generations Education (NU-AGE) is a recently developed cross-faculty module about ageing, in its broadest context, aimed at undergraduate students from any academic background. The module was piloted in March 2014 and was adopted as a formal module in the academic year 2014-15.

Learning and Teaching Leads

Professor Jane Calvert
Lead: Professor Jane Calvert

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Laura Greaves
Deputy: Dr Laura Greaves

Senior Research Associate

Ellen Tullo
Ellen Tullo

Undergraduate Teaching Champion