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The Annual Fund would not have the success it does without the hard work of our Phonathon Student Callers. During last year's campaign, the passion and commitment of our phonathon team students has inspired 1615 alumni to donate over £378,000 to the Annual Fund.  

We must give a special mention to the following students, who have each made a particularly significant contribution to the Annual Fund over the course of the year.


Sophie Norris - Summer caller of the term

Sophie NorrisSophie is a second year English Literature student, and joined the phonathon team in 2014. Sophie was caller of the term in Summer 2014, because of her enthusiasm for the Annual Fund and her excellent fundraising abilities.

"I enjoy working at the Phonathon because every shift is rewarding. I get to speak to benefactors of the fund, to talk to people who have had amazing experiences at university and want to help others to do the same, and I know that at the end of shift the team has made a difference to the lives of many people."


Sarah Jowett - Longest serving caller

Sarah JowettSarah is the Phonathon’s veteran caller, having been part of the team for 4 years (and counting!); Sarah is now in the second year of her PhD Mathematics degree at Newcastle University.

I'm proud to be an ambassador for Newcastle University and the Annual Fund, and am looking forward to more years of fundraising!"


To all of our Phonathon team a huge Thank you and well done!!





Photographs by Zander Photography