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Funding for Engagement Projects

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape supports small scale projects which may be related to teaching and research but cannot secure funding from other sources. Academic staff are encouraged to apply for funding through the Engagement Fund, overseen and approved by the Engagement Committee. For more details about the Fund please contact Anne.Fry@ncl.ac.uk.

Detailed below are some of the projects which have been supported through the Fund.

Teresa Strachan : Engaging Young People in the Local Development Framework Process

This research has begun to uncover some of the valuable work that Local Planning Authorities are doing to engage young people in strategy making.  The final report comprises four distinct sections: an assimilation of the reasons why planning should engage with young people – from a statutory, ethical and human rights standpoint; what local planning authorities are currently doing in the Northern Region to engage with this hard- to-reach group; identifying the key skills to work effectively with young people on matters relating to the environment; and assessing whether town planners can learn or develop these skills through their initial education and/ or ongoing experience.

Read the full report here (1192KB). To contact Teresa Strachan please email Teresa.Strachan@newcastle.ac.uk.