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Societal challenges

In setting out the three Societal Challenges, the University demonstrates how its research is of direct benefit to society, tackling the tough issues of our time: global ageing, sustainability and climate change and the need for societies to adapt and thrive in a changing world. The centrality of place and space to all our lives means that the work of Architecture, Planning and Landscape contribute to all three societal challenges.

In September 2009, Newcastle University launched a year-long programme of events on the theme ‘Changing Age’, which focuses attention on the challenges facing society as people live longer. Many of those challenges concern how buildings, neighbourhoods and local services respond to older people while offering an enriched environment for people of all ages. To discover how the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape is contributing to the Changing Age programme please visit our pages on Ageing and Health.

The second Societal Challenge of Sustainability is led by the SAGE Faculty but the broad nature of sustainability and its impact on all of us means that APL has a significant role to play in many of the identified themes. For more information please visit our Sustainability pages.