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Matter-ing, Practicing Care

Dr Julieanna Preston Public Lecture

Date/Time: Thursday 23 March 2017, 17:30

Venue: Fine Art Lecture Theatre

What it is to practice care as a material body amongst other material bodies?

In this lecture, Julieanna Preston explores what care might be if extended to earthly matter: a boulder, a mountain, a river, an asphalt road, a timber pile and a chalk cliff. Indebted to the scholarly work of moral, social/political and feminist philosopher Virginia Held and contemporary philosopher and feminist theoretician Rosi Braidotti, this inquiry takes the shape of durational site-responsive performances. The complexity of environmental, social, political and climatic forces spatialise contingent and relational encounters that test the limits of empathy, intimacy, trust and power between a full spectrum of subjectivities.

This lecture introduces Dr Preston’s tenure as a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape March-May 2017 and forecasts her upcoming performative interventions in the city and her interaction with postgraduate students across architecture, landscape architecture, visual art, performance and sound art on the topic of new materialism and practices material ethics.


Julieanna Preston is a Professor of Spatial Practice at the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Her research crosses architecture, art and philosophy and draws from her background in interior design, building construction, landscape gardening, material processes and performance writing. Julieanna has delivered live art performances and lectured on her creative and scholarly works in the United States, UK, Sweden, Australia, Scotland, The Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand. She received a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech (1983), Master of Architecture from Cranbrook Academy of Art (1990) and a PhD through creative practice from RMIT (2013). Recent works and publications include a sole authored book Performing Matter: interior surface and feminist actions (AADR 2014), Idleness Labouritory: Attuning and Attending (in collaboration with Mick Douglas, Syracuse, NY 2016) and Performing, Writing: A symposium in four turns (Wellington, NZ, 2017).