School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Research and Design Seminars

Research and Design Seminars

To encourage a dynamic research environment the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape organise weekly research and design seminars where research students, staff, visitors and invited guests present their work.

The seminars are held term time on Wednesdays at 13.00 and open to all.  Seminars are either held in the Exhibition Area, 4th floor Claremont Tower or The Gallery, 1st floor Architecture Building.  

October 2017

10th October: Roger BurrowsUrban Futures and the Dark Enlightenment: A Guide for the Perplexed 

25th October: Emma Ormerod (Durham University - The Local State of Housing: Deepening Entrepreneurial Governance and The Place of Politics and Publics

November 2017

1st November - Martyn Dade Robertson: Session theme ARC Experimental Architecture

8th November - Tim Townsend: What is Human Flourishing?

22nd November - Yasser Megahed: Session theme ARC Industries of Architecture

29th November - Ben Anderson from Durham University: Hope In Neoliberal Life

December 2017

13th December - Sam Austin and Ed Wainwright: Newcastle After Dark

January 2018

10th January - John Pendlebury & Loes Feldpaus: Heritage and Brexit

17th January - Jennifer Lawrence (Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience, Virginia Tech, USA):  "Fossil-Fueling Vulnerability: Extractionist Governmentalities in an Age of Extreme Energy”.

24th January - Jayne Jeffries, Rose Gilroy and Tim Townsend: My Place

31st January - Polly Gould: D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson and Parametricism

February 2018

14th February - Laura Harty: The Fontanelle

21st February - A Feruandari: tbc

28th February - Michaela Benson (Goldsmiths): Discordant stories of self-building and homemaking: from video ‘home tours’ to disruptions in narrative of family and home

March 2018

14th March - Simin Davoudi, Ruth Machen & Ruth RaynorRound Table discussion- Spatial Imaginaries: Tyrannies or Transformations?

April 2018

18th April - Harrison Smith & Jill Valentine: tbc Digital Infrastructure

25th April - Zeynep Kezer: tbc ARC Mountains and Megastructures

May 2018

2nd May - Jennifer Gabrys: tbc Environment

9th May - Neveen Hamza: On Market Halls

23rd May - Neil Burford: tbc ARC