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North East Timber Trade Association - Structural Timber Awards 2010-11

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This year’s awards call for designs for a temporary pavilion, to be located in Jesmond Dene, a park that has important historical significance for the City of Newcastle.  With 13 team entries, the overall standard was extremely high and the judges had difficulty in narrowing down the three finalists.

Exhibition pavilions have become a touchstone for avant-garde architecture and timber is a particularly suitable material, with its lightweight strength and stiffness, low environmental impact, amenability to prefabrication and potential for re-use.  The Newcastle University School of Architecture is commended for the manner in which this understanding is disseminated to its students, as well as for the professionalism of the entries.

1st Prize Winners
Markus Ryden
Robert Gibb
Alex Cook

A fantastic idea looking at connecting man with nature. The pavilion inspired by Fibonnaci’s golden spiral and a local wood waterwheel. It uses Glulam ribs supported on recovered oak pilings with superb detailing. All connections made using wooden pegs restricting the use of adhesives. Brilliantly conceived models showing development of the modular form. The siting of this Pavilion amongst the trees through use of curvature in design was highly commended.

2nd Prize Winners
Yohance Harper
Rebecca Close
Felicity Barbur

The Bauhaus tectonic structure makes excellent use of high strength and low weight properties of wood in particular Glulam to simulate a tree supporting branches and leaves. The use of timber louvers to provide shade and shadow during the day was excellently thought through as was the recycling of pallet- wood. The images of the models were of a high class.

3rd Prize Winners
Tom Dobson
Laura Steventon
Kit Stiby Harris

A truly striking pavilion incorporating the benefits of using plywood in sheet form and Glulam with the idea conceived from a germinating seed. Excellent ideas about pre-fabrication, delivery and erection. It certainly stands out from the rest of the entries.