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Professor Davoudi invited to Defra expert panel

Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning Simin Davoudi has been invited to become a co-opted member of the Social Science Expert Group (SSEG) for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). SSEG will work and report directly to the Defra Science Advisory Council and provide social science advice and expertise on matters related to policy and research needs and interests of Defra Group. The SSEG includes members from universities of Newcastle, Cambridge, Oxford (Chair), Cardiff, Surrey and Exeter.   

Professor Davoudi has undertaken research on urban planning, environmental governance, climate change and resilience.  She has authored more than 150 academic publications including: 10 books, 5 special issues, over 70 articles, 60 book chapters and numerous governments’ commissioned research reports.  Some of her work has been translated into Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Persian and disseminated through numerous keynote and invited speeches around the world.

published on: 20 October 2016