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Research Centres

Staff collaborate on research projects with partners inside and outside the School, with two ‘umbrella’ research groups providing a home for all academic and research staff, and postgraduate research students. The Architecture Research Collaborative (ARC) is headed by Directors Dr Katie Lloyd-Thomas and Dr Martyn Dade-Robertson and the Global Urban Research Unit (GURU) by Prof Ali MadaniPour, who are responsible for the management and development of the groups.

ARC and GURU utilise themes to structure and promote their work. Typically each theme focuses on one or two key deliverables each year (a significant international conference, publicity/ engagement activity, to develop a collaborative research project, establish a series of workshops on a policy issue etc.) Reading groups, the hosting of workshops and conferences and regular networking all help to build a research culture.

Themes are used to house work rather than provide a home to individual researchers but staff tend to gravitate to one or more of them. Themes are mobilised by co-ordinators to build a research culture and promote networking among members, peer review etc. The organization is thus dynamic – the themes can involve participation from researchers from both within and outside research groups and indeed from other institutions; they can run for varying lengths of time depending on their productivity and new themes can be easily established; and researchers can have membership across a number of themes, cultivating both specificity in research and also integration across centres as a whole.

Inter-school research groups

Additional active research areas and other inter-school research groups include:

With CURDS the School runs the postgraduate course Regional Development and Spatial Planning.

Links with University research institutes