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Advanced Architectural Technologies (AAT)

The Advanced Architectural Technologies (AAT) group focuses on research relating to the understanding of, and application of advanced digital and building technologies to architectural design and management. The emphasis is on the development of advanced technologies that underpin the conceptualisation and realisation of architectural design through construction projects.

The goal of the AAT group is to become an acknowledged centre for international excellence in technology research and development that significantly impacts the disciplines and practice of architecture and construction, with respect to the following:

  • Evaluation of the impacts of technologies on place making
  • Development of improved processes and tools for place making
  • Application and development of specific technologies and systems
  • Investigating design solutions and technologies to improve human comfort and reduce energy consumption in the built environment
  • The application of architectural design theories on to the development of computational systems

Funding for research activities within the group has come from the The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, The Royal Academy of Engineering and Design and Construction organisations in the United Kingdom (UK)

Members of the group are reviewers for EPSRC, journal articles and books, have served (and are serving on the programme/editorial committees of international conferences and journals, and have been invited to present papers and teach courses at international events. We are actively engaged in activities in the North East of England and elsewhere, working with local councils and other bodies such as the National Energy Agency (NEA) to increase awareness and uptake of energy saving measures in the built environment.

Further information

AAT group coordinator
Dr John Kamara
Telephone: 0191 222 8619
E-mail: j.m.kamara@ncl.ac.uk