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Current and Recent Research Projects

Completed Projects

  • Capture and Reuse of Project Knowledge in Construction (CAPRIKON)
  • Impact of ICT on Architectural Practice
  • Using mobile computing for construction site information management
  • A framework for sustainability in UK retail architecture
  • The construction industry in Libya, with participar reference to operations in Tripoli
  • A user-centric approach for the development and evaluation of a visual interface to online information in the construction industry
  • Applicability of work flow management in the construction design office

Current Projects

  • Lifecycle integration of asset management information and practices
  • Requirements management in construction projects


This project will help European citizens to obtain consumer solutions for a hassle-free guidance towards balanced lifestyle with respect to meal planning, meal preparation and personal choice. The project on methods for inferring eating habits in an unobtrusive way and seeks to use this information provide situated feedback on meal planning and preparation. The goal of Balance@Home is to the potential of the instrumented and connected kitchen to provide access and advice to information. This will be linked directly to the everyday setting in which people prepare and food.


The Architecture of Information

A book on the evolution of ‘information architecture’ as a pre and post digital phenomena.