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Architectural Practice (Certificate)

  • Course duration: 1 year

This year is spent in practice working as an architectural assistant, either in Britain or abroad, on the Certificate in Architectural Practice. This includes several short courses at the University and self-study assignments. Prior to taking this course students must possess RIBA Part I from this or another institution. Predominantly students on this course have studied our BA Architecture programme. Students must also be employed in an approved architectural practice or related organisation; or be involved in an approved scheme (and/or activities approved by the programme director) designed to enhance their practical experience of architecture and the construction industry.

During this year you will:

  • experience the practical aspects of an architect's role
  • observe the building process
  • discover how the design and building teams work together
  • possibly see your own work being built

Overseas students wishing to undertake professional experience in the UK at post-Part 1 level, will need to check visa requirements with the UK Border Agency.