Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre

EngD Collaborations

EngD Collaborations

Our EngD is the first programme of its kind in the UK. It enables students to understand Quality by Design (QBD) and to focus on Process Analytical Technologies (PAT). This can benefit your company in many ways.

The pharmaceutical sector is a UK success story. The North East region is a major hub of activity.

There is increasing international competition from the emerging economies of India and Asia. This is in both the manufacture of generic products and growth in development capability. 

Our students

Our EngD in Biopharmaceutical Process Development reflects industry practice of taking a team approach. This mixes:

  • scientists with biology and chemistry backgrounds
  • engineers
  • people with a business background

We train our students in the skills to take processes through development as fast as possible. They are able to:

  • work more robustly
  • solve complex problems
  • tackle open ended research problems

Benefits to your company

Collaborating with our EngD students will let you nurture industry leaders of the future.

It is a cost effective means of getting a highly skilled, enthusiastic team player.

The EngD teams skill set is different to those found elsewhere. This gives you a unique opportunity to have a fresh approach to research challenges.

The student research projects will consider improvement opportunities. Get an idea of how this could benefit your company by reading some past research projects

Support and engagement

We'll enable an extended interview process, and provide University support with world leading academics. You'll also have access to the wider network of students.

By engaging with the BBTC you can help shape the direction of research.

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