Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre

Research Projects

Research Projects

Whilst students were based out in Industry, they had to complete an industry-focused research project.

Each research project varied depending on:

  • subject background
  • research interests
  • collaboration company

Project details

Each project considered improvement opportunities. These opportunities are for both established biopharmaceutical production routes and horizon products such as stem cells and marine biotechnology. 

Each project also covered the following overarching areas of development.

Measurement, data and knowledge management

This includes:

  • process analytical technology
  • data management
  • new measurement and analysis techniques
  • signal pre-processing
  • complex data interpretation

Systems analysis and building process representations

This includes:

  • enhancing biosystems understanding
  • bioinformatics
  • feature extraction
  • data visualisation
  • process modelling and representation
  • risk based analysis

Enhanced development and operational strategies

This includes:

  • experimental design strategies
  • whole process design
  • process monitoring
  • control and optimisation
  • improved operational strategies