Tile Acquisition

Tile or Mosaic image acquisition enables microscopists to image large specimens or perhaps an entire slide with a relatively high power lens and stitch the images together to form one large very high resolution image (i. each tile segment can be zoomed up without  loss of resolution).

Tile image acquisition is a feature available on three machines within the Bio Imaging facility, the Zeiss AxioImger, BD Pathway and Leica SP2 UV. The Pathway and the Leica microscopes rely on stage accuracy to achieve good results whereas the Zeiss offers post acquisition software stitching as well. It should be noted that the Zeiss software can also be programmed with corrections in brightness across the slide due to thickness variations in the specimen and is available in both bright field and fluorescence. It can also be programmed to refocus at set points to maintain focus across large areas.

Tiled images can be acquired in brightfield, fluorescence and even confocal modes, including multichannel.