School of Biology

Virtual tour

Virtual Tour

2nd floor Ridley teaching labs

Most of The School of Biology undergraduate practicals are held in one of two nearly identical purpose built teaching labs. These labs hold 80 and 60 students respectively. Both labs have audio visual teaching facilities, including overhead data projectors, imaging and data points for laptops.

4th floor Ridley labs

The 4th floor labs are mainly occupied with Research projects carried out by Undergraduates, Masters and PhD Students. Projects are based on a range of different subjects, such as the identification and characterization of bacteria, plants, algae and fungi and the identification of novel antimicrobial compounds.

The techniques that can be used encompas molecular biology methods, eg:

  • DNA
  • RNA
  • PCR
  • gel electrophorisis

as well as:

  • protein analysis
  • microscopy
  • computing/data analysis
  • chemical analysis and HPLC.

Ridley computer cluster

Recently created, quiet personal learning space for 3rd year Undergraduates, MSc and PhD Biology students. There are many other spaces like this one across the campus for all students to use.

Devonshire Research Office

The Devonshire Research Office is an open plan office where many of our PhD students and Research staff are based. The Devonshire is a modern multi-purpose building with teaching and learning space, research labs and admin offices.