School of Biology


Impacts of climate change on plant-pollinator interactions and ecosystem services

Student: Ellen Dorothea Moss
Staff: Darren Evans
Sponsors: Newcastle University, University of Hull

Project summary

My project is looking at how climate warming might affect the interactions between pollinating insects and the plants that they feed from. We know that climate change is driving species to higher latitudes and altitudes, and that it is changing the flowering and emerging times of insects and plants, but we don’t know how the interactions between these organisms will be affected, or how any such changes might affect pollination.

My project aims to fill in these knowledge gaps using a novel field-based, open-air climate change experiment. I used infra-red heaters to continuously warm soil and plants directly, I surveyed the wildflowers and the insects that visited them. I also collected seeds from these plants so I can investigate how pollination services are affected.