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Ecology and Conservation

We work on a range of issues designed to understand patterns that we observe in nature (mainly on species and habitats) and often study these in combination with how human activities have altered these relationships. This provides a basis for exploring how we can predict future impacts of change caused by human development on species and habitats. This leads to close collaboration with a range of agencies and organisations concerned with species and habitat conservation, including statutory responsibility. We work both nationally and globally with a wide range of research partners and conservation practitioners.

The issues we examine range from genetics to species to habitats, and include:

  • the origin and maintenance of genetic variation in populations and how population structure is shaped
  • conservation of globally-threatened species from documenting basic status and distribution, through analyses of threats to the development of strategies for their conservation
  • human-wildlife interactions and analysing areas of conflict, such as disease, invasive species ecology and management and species exploitation
  • ecology of plants and animals in intensively managed (farms, urban and industrial areas) and more natural landscapes, so as to inform more sustainable management and policy

As our research is driven by societal need, we work with policy-makers and practitioners to shape our research agenda and to translate our research into management decisions, policy making and shaping the biodiversity policy agenda.

Current PhD Projects