Conservation of the Critically Endangered Djibouti francolin in Djibouti

Project Leader(s): Houssein Rayaleh, Clive Bealey and Philip McGowan
Partners: Dibouti Nature

There are nearly 200 bird species that are considered to be Critically Endangered, the highest category of threat on the IUCN Red List ( Several years ago we looked at the Critically Endangered Galliformes species for which there was no conservation action underway and assessed how we could ensure that they did not become extinct because of neglect. The Djibouti francolin Francolinus ochropectus was one such species.

It is only known from two mountain areas in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa and its entire global distribution is probably less than 100km2. It is thought to have undergone a significant decline since the mid-1980s. We are working to better understand its distribution, population ecology and to determine what conservation actions are both necessary and feasible. Encouragingly there now seems to be a marked increase in awareness and concern for the species and its habitat within Djibouti.


Dr Philip McGowan
Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity and Conservation