Newcastle University Careers ServiceOur students are placed competitively in the job market. The wide range of skills that they learn opens a large range of career options. Some graduates go into research in such diverse areas as studying auklets on the Pacific coast of Canada or finding out the molecular basis of snake venom action. Others have gone on to train as police officers, environmental engineers, or to work in biomedical sales - one of our graduates works as a TV presenter!

Many train as teachers in secondary and primary schools and a number have specialised in teaching overseas. About a third of our graduates use their Biology degree as a rewarding and valuable stepping stone to other diverse careers, ranging from banking and managing wine shops to flying aeroplanes.

To find out more about the careers our graduates develop, please review the latest DLHE (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education) statistics for our BSc (Hons) Biology and BSc (Hons) Zoology graduates. Similar statistics about careers are available for our Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology MSc and Ecological Consultancy MSc graduates, and also see careers for Ecological Consultancy MSc.

Alumni of the School of Biology are encouraged to get in touch.

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The University's Careers Service will work with you from day one to weigh up all your options, assess the best one for you and the best way to get there! We provide an award winning service for our students - one of the largest and best resourced career services in the UK, that enjoys a great reputation locally and nationally.

Our latest initiative, ncl+, ensures that every student has the opportunity to gain valuable transferable skills, boosting your employability, and enhancing your degree.