Biomedical Sciences students

International Student Profiles

Find out what some of our current students think about their time with Biomedical Sciences so far....

Harsh Sheth, C410 - BSc Hons Human Genetics, Stage 3

Harsh(International Ambassador Scholarship Award Winner)

I have learnt a great deal of stuff from the School of Biomedical Sciences. The teachers teach students with great enthusiasm and passion and are very helpful. They are always keen to guide the students in the correct direction for learning the basics behind biomedical sciences. The teachers are highly qualified and they help in creating a perfect study environment for the students and thus provide a great opportunity for the students to learn and understand the human body. The non teaching staff is very friendly and helpful too. I had some great time while studying and also made some really nice friends for life. The School of Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University is a fantastic institution and I would like to address all the students who are keen to learn about the biomedical sciences, to join and become a part of this great institution.

Abhinaya Yeddala, B940 - BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences, Stage 1

yeddala (International Ambassador Scholarship Award Winner)

I have come from Chennai, India. My ‘New’ University is ‘Newcastle’ University. I have a fascination for biomedical sciences from my early school years. I found Newcastle University is fitting reply for my fascination. My experience with biomedical sciences so far has been nothing but ‘Great’. From the time I have submitted my application until now all my queries have been answered and addressed in a timely manner by both teaching and administrative staff. The ‘Meet and greet service’ provided has been excellent and useful. The orientation Programs from The School of Biomedical sciences are excellent. The environment at Biomedical Sciences has been cordial, teaching staff and administrative staff has been friendly. I am in my rookie year and have been here for a month but the experience I have gained in this one month is immense. I am also impressed with the way biomedical sciences website has been organized. I have also met a few great friends from different places. The facilities such as the cluster rooms and Walton Library are an added advantage. Finally, it’s just a complete school. I will recommend without any hesitation Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University to all undergraduate students who have a fascination for biomedical sciences.

Suleiman Atta, J700 - BSc Hons Biotechnology, Stage 3

atta(Write a Letter Home Competition - runner-up prize winner)

My time at Newcastle University has helped me to mature in more ways than one. It has truly being an experience recommended for any undergraduate looking to make the best out of university. It has given me considerable insight on what I want out of life and how to make my aspirations come true. My time at the university has also inspired me to be a harder worker.




Dominique C. Lentchou Mbiadjeu, B940 - BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences, Stage 3

lentchou(Write a Letter Home Competition - 1st prize winner)

My plane just landed to Newcastle International Airport, my experience had begun.Then, there was the first day at Newcastle University. Thinking back about  my experience at Newcastle University , what comes in mind is a Chinese dish ‘sweat and sour’ but that’s how life goes. The lectures and university staff are brilliant , they always helped me and support me which is really important when you are far from home. Don’t worry if you are a geek like me , I made it so you should be alright. However, I can not forget the long nights I spent studying in the library with a full coffee cup always nearby but those efforts were proven rewarding as I am expecting a first class honours . The social life is interesting, whether you like sports, or like me prefer watching rather than playing there are always opportunities for you to get involved. I have longed to do medicine hence I am applying this year but the laboratory summer placement I undertook broadened my aspirations. Therefore, I am also considering pursuing a research career (Mres, PhD, fellowship). I will hence encourage you even if you only are focused to an area such as medicine or dentistry to still undertake laboratory experience, you might, as I did, find it actually interesting and consider it as a career.An advice I can give is never back down, when you feel like giving up, think about why you came and what you plan on achieving. Most of all, enjoy your experience, be yourself and make a lot of friends.Another thing is even if you doubt your English skills, I will tell you this: ‘If I made it, then you definitely will trust me’’.

Guo Jun Tan, B940 - BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences, Stage 1

Guo Jun Tan(International Ambassador Scholarship Award Winner)

The experience you gain, the time you spend here and the friends you have made are three things you will not forget or regret in your life. The teaching staff, support staff, learning environment and quality of classes are at their highest level. If I ever have children, Newcastle University is the only place I will send them for further studies other than the universities in my own country. Newcastle University is special. People will never find this place anywhere else in the world, and this is how fabulous it is.



Ashni Khetarpal, B940 - BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences, Stage 1

Ashni Khetarpal(International Ambassador Scholarship Award Winner)

It’s only been eight weeks since I arrived at this wonderful ‘student city’, Newcastle Upon Tyne. When I saw my first glimpses of Newcastle University through a taxi window taking me to my accommodation, I was simply awe-struck. Its perfect blend between ancient and modern architecture gives it a sense of prestige as well as advancement. This is my idea of an ideal place to live and study. I whizzed through the first few weeks due to the kind support of the administrative and academic staff. And now after several months in Newcastle, I am even more confident that I made the right decision by coming here. The academics are renowned worldwide but in addition to that, this university has so much more to offer; be it student ambassador work opportunities, societies’ events, volunteering activities or the general social life, it’s got it all. The support that Newcastle University provides is like none other. Housing matters, financial issues, interview fear, computer troubles, wellbeing advice – they’ve a solution for everything. To assume that you’ll be completely alone at university like I did, is a mistake. Even the vice chancellor is approachable, so don’t miss out! The Biomedical Sciences course specifically has been a great extension to my International Baccalaureate, giving me a flavour of all the different aspects like pharmacology, genetics, physiology, etc. The lecturers are immensely knowledgeable and helpful, enabling enthusiastic students to perform very highly. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next few years in Newcastle and hope you decide on it too!

Natalie Rens, B940 - BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences, Stage 3

Natalie Rens

I had started studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences in New Zealand when I discovered the equivalent degree at Newcastle University. I was so impressed by the comprehensive range of subjects taught and the reputation that I immediately arranged for a direct transfer. It was, without a doubt, the right decision.

My experience at Newcastle University was the best time of my life. The degree is challenging but provides you with all the knowledge and training you need to become a world-class researcher. The courses are well-structured, fascinating and given by excellent teachers who are truly passionate about their subjects. There is plenty of support from the professors and you are truly encouraged to do your best. Looking back now, I wonder how I managed to fit so much into my head in just three years!

As a student at Newcastle, you are also encouraged to thrive in more than just academia. There are hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from and I spent my non-study hours dancing, mountaineering and travelling around the country with my fellow comrades. The experiences were truly unforgettable.  

After Newcastle, I chose to specialise with a Master in Neuroscience in Europe and am now starting a PhD investigating patterns of brain activity in decision making at the University of Queensland, Australia. I’m in one of the top institutes in the country and honestly believe I owe my success to the kick-start that Newcastle gave me.