Biomedical Sciences staff and students

Affiliated Staff

Affiliated Staff

Professor Loranne Agius
Professor of Metabolic Biochemistry

Dr Phillip Aldridge
Senior Lecturer

Professor Simi Ali
Professor of Immunobiology

Dr Louise Allan
Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Consultant

Professor James Allan
Professor of Cancer Genetics

Dr Kai Alter
Senior Lecturer

Professor Quentin Anstee
Professor of Experimental Hepatology & Consultant Hepatologist

Dr Catherine Arden
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Professor Caroline Austin
Professor of Molecular Biology

Dr Christopher Bacon
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Haematopathology

Professor Stuart Baker
Professor of Movement Neuroscience

Dr Simon Bamforth

Dr Robert Barber
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Mark Birch-Machin
(1) Associate Dean of Business Development and Commercial interface (2) Professor of Molecular Dermatology (3) Deputy Degree Programme Director MRes (Biotechnology) (4) Co-Founder:Genesis Genomics (now Mitomics) Inc (5) Co-Founder PB Bioscience Ltd

Professor Andrew Blamire
Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics

Dr David Bolam
Senior Lecturer

Dr Jennifer Bonner
Research Associate

Dr Lee Borthwick
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr David Bourn
Associate Lecturer

Dr Katie Brittain
Lecturer in Social Gerontology

Dr Colin Brown
Senior Lecturer

Dr Jeremy Brown
Senior Lecturer

Professor Sir John Burn
Professor of Clinical Genetics

Professor Jane Calvert
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Thomas Chadwick
Clinical Trials Statistician

Dr Peter Chater
Research Associate

Dr Timothy Cheek
Reader in Cell Signalling

Dr Lucy Chilton
Research Associate

Professor Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers
Professor of Mitochondrial Biology

Professor Steven Clifford
Prof of Molecular Paediatric Oncology

Dr Gavin Clowry
Senior Lecturer

Dr Simon Cockell
Senior Experimental Scientific Officer (BSU)

Dr Kelly Coffey
PCUK Fellow

Dr Lynne Corner
Director of Engagement

Dr Sally Coulthard
Senior Research Associate

Dr David Cousins
MRC Clinician Scientist

Dr Ian Cowell
Staff Scientist

Professor Mark Cunningham
Prof of Neuronal Dynamics

Professor Nicola Curtin

Gavin Cuthbert
Associate Lecturer

Professor Ann Daly
Professor of Pharmacogenetics and Associate Dean for Internationalisation (Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Dr Richard Daniel
Senior Lecturer

Dr Owen Davies
Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Dr Alison Day
Research Associate

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7444

Jan Deckers
Senior Lecturer in Bioethics

Professor Christopher Dennison
Professor of Biological Chemistry

Professor Anne Dickinson
Professor of Marrow Transplant Biology

Dr Paul Donaghy
Academic Clinical Fellow

Dr Peter Donaldson
Senior Lecturer

Tim Donaldson
Guest Status

Dr Yvette Drew
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology

Dr Rachel Duncan
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ageing Research in Primary Care

Professor T. Martin Embley
Professor of Evolutionary Mol. Biology

John Emslie
Guest Status

Professor Jane Endicott
Prof of Cancer Structural Biology

Dr Stephen Erhorn
Associate Lecturer

Linda Errington
Liaison Librarian - Faculty of Medical Sciences

Professor Jeff Errington
Director of the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology (CBCB)

Professor Nick Europe-Finner
Prof of Myometrial Science

Dr Teresinha Evangelista
Clinical Research Associate

Dr Amy Fearn
Senior Research Technician

Dr Tracy Finch
Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Health Care

Professor Andrew Fisher
Dean of Clinical Medicine and Professor of Respiratory Transplant Medicine

Dr Lynne Forrest

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 8828

Dr Brook Galna

Dr Sasha Gartside
Senior Lecturer

Dr Luke Gaughan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Gennery
Clinical Reader/Consultant

Professor Harry Gilbert
Strategic Research Adviser

Dr Michael Gray
Reader in Cellular Physiology

Dr Judith Hall
Senior Lecturer

Professor Andy Hall
Associate Dean of Bioresources

Professor Barbara Hanratty
Prof of Primary Care & Public Health

Professor Christine Harrison

Professor Colin Harwood
Professor of Molecular Microbiology

Professor Olaf Heidenreich
Professor of Molecular Haematology

Professor Deborah Henderson
Professor of Cardiac Development

Professor Mary Herbert
Professor of Reproductive Biology

Professor John Edward Hesketh
Professor of Mammalian Molecular Biology

Professor Jonathan Higgins
Professor of Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology

Dr Catharien Hilkens
Reader in Immunotherapy

Professor Barry Hirst
Professor of Cellular Physiology

Professor Robert Hirt
Professor of Evolutionary Parasitology

Dr Seamus Holden
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr Kieren Hollingsworth
Senior Lecturer in Magnetic Resonance Physics

Professor Philip Home
Professor of Diabetes Medicine

Professor Rita Horvath
Professor of Neurogenetics

Dr Jun-yong Huang

Dr Paul Hubbard
Teaching Fellow (MBBS Biomed Science)

Professor Anya Hurlbert
Professor of Visual Neuroscience

Alex Inskip
Senior Library Assistant

Dr Julie Irving
Reader in Experimental Haematology

Dr Andrew Jackson
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Professor Carol Jagger
AXA Prof of Epidemiology of Ageing

Dr David Jamieson
Research Associate

Professor Tom Joyce
Professor of Orthopaedic Engineering

Dr Sarah Judge
Staff Scientist

Professor Farhad Kamali

Professor Eileen Kaner
Professor of Public Health & Primary Care Research

Dr Neil Keegan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Niall Kenneth
IRES Fellow

Professor Brendan Kenny
Professor of Medical Microbiology

Dr Anjam Khan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ahmad Khundakar
Research Associate

Professor John Kirby
Dean of PG Studies

Dr Andrew Knight

Dr Viktor Korolchuk
Lecturer in Neurobiology of Ageing

Professor Jeremy Lakey
Professor of Structural Biochemistry

Dr Fiona LeBeau

Dr Mark Levasseur
Senior Research Associate

Professor Rick Lewis
Prof of Structural Biology

Professor Robert Lightowlers
Director, ICaMB and Professor of Molecular Neuroscience

Professor Susan Lindsay
Prof of Human Dev Genetics

Professor Hanns Lochmuller
Professor of Experimental Myology

Dr Susan Lord
Senior Research Fellow

Professor John Loughlin
Prof of Musculoskeletal Research

Professor Penny Lovat
Professor of Cellular Dermatology and Oncology

Professor John Lunec
Gillespie Prof of Molecular Oncology

Professor David Lydall
Professor of Genome Stability

Helen Maitland
Senior Pastoral Tutor (MBBS)

Dr Jelena Mann
Reader in Epigenetics

Professor Derek Mann
Prof of Hepatology

Dr Philip Manning

Dr Kevin Marchbank
Senior Lecturer in Complement Therapeutics

Dr Laura Maringele
Wellcome Trust CD Fellow

Dr Steven Masson
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Professor John Mathers
Professor of Human Nutrition

Professor Fiona Matthews
Professor of Epidemiology

Dr Ross Maxwell

Dr Felicity May
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ciaron McAnulty
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Professor Elaine McColl
Professor of Health Service Research

Dr Jill McKay
Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology

Dr Richard McNally
Reader in Epidemiology

Dr Richard McQuade
Senior Lecturer

Professor Andrew Mellor
Prof of Translational Immunology

Dr Katarzyna Mickiewicz
Research Associate

Professor Anthony Moorman
Professor of Genetic Epidemiology

Professor Brian Morgan
Professor of Yeast Molecular Biology

Dr Christopher Morris
Senior Lecturer

Professor Paula Moynihan
Prof of Nutrition & Oral Health

Dr Colin Muirhead
Lecturer in Medical Statistics

Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Dr Heath Murray
Royal Society Research Fellow

Professor Julia Newton
Director of Newcastle Academic Health Partners & Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine

Professor Fiona Oakley
Prof of Fibrosis Biology

Dr Joao Passos

Dr Debra Patten
Director in Anatomy and Clinical Skills & Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Professor Mark Pearce
Professor of Applied Epidemiology

Professor Jeffrey Pearson
Professor of Molecular Physiology

Professor Neil Perkins
Prof of Gene Exp & Signalling

Dr Heiko Peters
Reader in Mammalian Genetics

Professor Christopher Petkov
Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology

Professor Marion Petrie
Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Dr Christopher Price

Dr Phillip Probert

Dr Carole Proctor

Professor Janet Quinn
Professor of Eukaryotic Microbiology

Dr Claudia Racca
Senior Lecturer

Dr Vikki Rand
LLR Bennett Fellow

Professor Judith Rankin
Prof Maternal & Perinatal Epidemiology

Dr Christopher Redfern
Reader in Retinoid Molecular Biology

Professor Adrian Rees
Professor of Auditory Neuroscience

Dr Amy Reeve
Senior Research Associate

Dr Julia Reichelt
Visiting Lecturer

Dr Gary Robinson
Lecturer in Sports & Clinical Psychology

Professor Craig Robson
Professor of Molecular Urology

Professor Lynn Rochester
Prof of Human Movement Science

Professor Helen Rodgers
Clin Prof of Stroke Care

Professor Drew Rowan
Professor of Molecular Rheumatology

Dr Lisa Russell
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr Julian Rutherford

Dr Paula Salgado
Lecturer in Macromolecular Crystallography

Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Lecturer in Ageing Research

Professor John Sayer
Clin Prof of Renal Medicine

Dr Michael Schmid
Senior Lecturer in Systems Neuroscience

Dr Claudia Schneider
Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Evelyne Sernagor
Reader in Developmental Neuroscience

Dr Daryl Shanley
Senior Lecturer

Professor Linda Sharp
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology

Professor James Shaw
Professor of Regenerative Medicine for Diabetes and Honorary Consultant Physician

Dr Mohammed Shoaib
Senior Lecturer

Professor Falko Sniehotta
Prof Behaviour Medicine & Health Psychol

Dr Demetris Soteropoulos
Lecturer (Motor Systems Neuroscience)

David Steel
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Emma Stevenson
Prof of Sport & Exercise Science

Dr Gordon Strathdee
Lecturer in Genome Instability

Professor Michael Taggart
Chair of Reproductive Sciences

Dr John-Paul Taylor
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Professor Robert Taylor
Professor of Mitochondrial Pathology

Dr Ruben Thanacoody
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor David Thwaites
Professor of Epithelial Physiology

Dr Martin Tovee

Professor Michael Trenell
NIHR Senior Research Fellow & Director, MoveLab; Physical Activity & Exercise Research

Dr Andrew Trevelyan
Senior Lecturer in Network Neuroscience

Dr Alison Tyson-Capper
Faculty Postgraduate Tutor (Associate Dean); Senior Lecturer

Professor Luke Vale
Health Foundation Chair in Health Economics

Dr Elizabeth Veal
Reader in Molecular Biology

Dr Gareth Veal
Senior Lecturer

Susan Vecsey
Acting Student Digital Skills Manager

Professor Waldemar Vollmer
Prof of Bacterial Biochemistry

Professor Josef Vormoor
Sir James Spence Prof of Child Health

Dr Kevin Waldron
University Research Fellow

Professor Mark Walker
Professor of Molecular Diabetic Medicine

Professor Richard Walker
Honorary Clinical Professor

Dr Xiao Wang
Senior Lecturer

Dr Christopher Ward
Senior Lecturer; Respiratory Medicine

Dr Nick Watkins
Senior Lecturer

Professor Steve Wedge
Prof of Stratified Cancer Med Discovery

Dr Andreas Werner
Reader in Molecular Biology

Dr Daniel West
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Emeritus Professor Michael Whitaker
Emeritus Professor

Dr Simon Whitehall
Senior Lecturer

Dr Simon Wilkinson
Staff Scientist

Dr Daniel Williamson
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr Elaine Willmore
Senior Research Associate

Dr Michael Wright
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Professor Matthew Wright
Professor of Toxicology

Professor David Young
Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Yulia Yuzenkova
Royal Society University Research Fellow