School of Biomedical Sciences

Staff Profiles

Professor Jane Calvert

Dean of Undergraduate Studies


Roles and Responsibilities

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Medical Sciences


B.Sc.; M.Sc.; Ph.D.; M.B.A.


British Society for Immunology


Research Interests

Antibody and T lymphocyte responses in bird breeder`s lung

Regulation of immunoglobulin isotype production in man

Immunoregulation of polysaccharide antibody responses

Prof Calvert`s research interests focus on various aspects of human immune responses. Current projects include 1) Pigeon intestinal mucin as an antigen in bird breeders` lung. The IgG subclass responses to this antigen have been shown to differ significantly between symptomatic and asymptomatic but antibody positive pigeon fanciers. We have recently identified a novel oligosaccharide epitope on pigeon mucin. Currently research is focused on the investigation of T cell responses to this antigen. 2) Antibody responses to polysaccharide antigens. The mechanisms underlying these responses are being investigated. I collaborate closely in this work with Dr Chris Baldwin.

Postgraduate Supervision