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Dr Nick Morris

Senior Lecturer



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Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Studies (biomedical sciences)
Board of Examiners (biomedical sciences)
Curriculum Committee Biochemistry and Genetics (Chair)
Staff Student Committee Biochemistry and Genetics (Chair)
Phase 2 advisor (Biochemistry)
Academic Skills Advisor
Blackboard Steering Group (Chair)
eLearning Group
Board of Studies for Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice (CASAP)
Board of Examiners for Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice (CASAP)
Faculty Programme Liaison Officer for Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice (CASAP)



Previous Positions

1994 - 1998 Post-doctoral research fellow with Dr G.E. Lienhard, Biochemistry Department, Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, 03755, USA

1990 - 1993 PhD students with Prof. Miles D. Houslay, Biochemistry Department, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland.

1987 - 1990 Research assistant to Prof N. N. Osborne, Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Oxford University, Oxford


Biochemical Society (1990 - to present).
British Electrophoresis Society (2000 - present)


Computing: C, objective C (Cocoa), php, mysql, Javascript


Research Interests

Proteomics, cellular trafficking and signalling, insulin signalling, bioinformatics. (also, see my lab home page [])

Other Expertise

Computer programming (php, MySQL, Objective C, javascript, AJAX), web page authoring.

Current Work

Please see

Research Roles

Consultant on a number of bioinformatic and proteomics projects.
Established the proteomics facility at Newcastle University.
Established the bioinformatics facility (Bioinformatics Support Unit (BSU)) at Newcastle University.

Postgraduate Supervision

Proteomics, bioinformatics, insulin signalling and intracellular transport of proteins

Esteem Indicators

Biochemical Society (summer studentship grant reviews)


BBSRC Project Grant 2004 - 2007
EU FP6 NOFORISK co-supervisor 2004 - 2006
Wellcome Trust Project Grant 2003 - 2005 (£180,000)
BBSRC Case Award 2003 - 2006
Royal Society 2000 (£9,800)

Industrial Relevance

BBSRC Case Award with Nonlinear Dynamics, Newcastle


Undergraduate Teaching

Please see the teaching section on my website for further details: