The impact of retinoic acid treatment on the sensitivity of neuroblastoma cells to fenretinide (2012)

Author(s): Armstrong JL, Martin S, Illingworth NA, Jamieson D, Neilson A, Lovat PE, Redfern CPF, Veal GJ

      • Date: 29-09-2011
      • Journal: Oncology Reports
      • Volume: 27
      • Issue: 1
      • Pages: 293-298
      • Publisher: Spandidos Publications
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr David Jamieson
      Research Associate

      Professor Penny Lovat
      Professor of Cellular Dermatology and Oncology

      Dr Christopher Redfern
      Reader in Retinoid Molecular Biology

      Dr Gareth Veal
      Senior Lecturer