Dissection of the network of interactions that links RNA processing with glycolysis in the Bacillus subtilis degradosome (2012)

Author(s): Newman JA, Hewitt L, Rodrigues C, Solovyova AS, Harwood CR, Lewis RJ

    Abstract: The RNA degradosome is a multi-protein macromolecular complex that is involved in the degradation of messenger RNA in bacteria. The composition of this complex has been found to display a high degree of evolutionary divergence, which may reflect the adaptation of species to different environments. Recently, a degradosome-like complex was identified in Bacillus subtilis that is distinct from those found in the proteobacteria, the degradosomes of which are assembled around the unstructured C-terminus of RNase E, a protein not present in B. subtilis. In this report, we have investigated in vitro the binary interactions between degradosome components and have characterised interactions between glycolytic enzymes, between RNA degrading enzymes, as well as those that appear to link these two cellular processes. The crystal structures of the glycolytic enzymes phosphofructokinase and enolase are presented and discussed in relation to their roles in the mediation of complex protein assemblies. Taken together these data provide valuable insights into the structure and dynamics of the RNA degradosome, a fascinating and complex macromolecular assembly that links RNA degradation with central carbon metabolism.

    • Alternate Journal: JMB
    • Date: 10 February 2012
    • Journal: Journal of Molecular Biology
    • Volume: 416
    • Issue: 1
    • Pages: 121-136
    • Publisher: Academic Press
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Professor Colin Harwood
    Professor of Molecular Microbiology

    Professor Rick Lewis
    Prof of Structural Biology