CFTR gene transfer to human cystic fibrosis pancreatic duct cells using a Sendai virus vector. (2008)

Author(s): Rakonczay Jr Z, Hegyi P, Hasegawa M, Inoue M, You J, Iida A, Ignáth I, Alton EWFW, Griesenbach U, Óvári G, Vág J, Da Paula AC, Crawford RM, Varga G, Amaral MD, Mehta A, Lonovics J, Argent BE, Gray MA

    • Type of Article: Original article
    • Date: 24-07-2007
    • Journal: Journal of Cellular Physiology
    • Volume: 214
    • Issue: 2
    • Pages: 442-455
    • Publisher: Wiley
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Dr Michael Gray
    Reader in Cellular Physiology