A phase I and pharmacodynamic study of fludarabine, carboplatin, and topotecan in patients with relapsed, refractory, or high-risk acute leukemia (2004)

Author(s): Cooper, B., Veal, G.J., Radivoyevitch, T., Tilby, M., Meyerson, H., Lazarus, H., Koc, O., Creger, R., Pearson, G., Nowell, G., Gosky, D., Ingalls, S., Hoppel, C., Gerson, S.

      • Journal: Clinical Cancer Research
      • Volume: 10
      • Issue: 20
      • Pages: 6830-6839
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Gareth Veal
      Senior Lecturer